Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time to Sit Back and Unwind

     I wanted to write a whole entry about our summer plans and then I realized we didn't really have any. We make one plan for the summer and that is to go to NY and go camping for our family reunion. Everything else is just kind of spur of the moment ideas.
     I hope to go to our local parks and splash parks a lot this summer.
     I want to visit the library a bunch.
     Maybe a barbecue somewhere.
     I also found a campground not too far from us that I want to try. It looks a lot like our campground in NY so I am hoping I get the same love for camping feeling I get in NY. I know it will be hard because I won't have my whole family there but I am hoping to have my friend-family there.
     Really my goal is to just get out and have a lot of fun. I know it can be hard on my daughter having a mom that has a lot of health issues and chronic pain. So I want to try my best to get her out, at the very least, once a week. I am trying to make sure I am playing games and doing crafts throughout the week. We're also doing some reading and math work too. Sounds like a chore but she loves it.
     Already this summer we've had a water balloon fight, time at the splash park, time playing at one of our favorite playgrounds, and gone to the movies! We are off to a great start and I think we will have no problem staying busy all summer.
     What do you have planned this summer? Any great vacations? Awesome destinations? Let me know!

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