Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Top 5 Bookish Buzzwords

     Today's Top 5 subject is your top 5 bookish buzzwords. Not everyone knows what a buzzword is so let me explain that first. A buzzword is a word or a phrase mentioned in a synopsis or description that immediately makes you want to read or buy a book. I have a ton but let me share my top five with you!

I love anything that takes place in Ireland or has the word Irish in the description.

Is it about a cult or compound? I don't know why I am so fascinated by cults but I am!

Does it take place in the summer at a beach house? I'm about that especially if that beach house is on Long Island or Fire Island!

I love me some Chick Lit! Don't you?

Last but not least...crocheting or knitting. Does it take place in a little shop full of fun fibers and gossiping ladies? Yes please!

Make sure to share your bookish buzzwords with me too!

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