Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Haleigh's 1st Doctor's Appointment

In June I posted my notes and concerns on what was going on with Haleigh here. I forgot to get back on and write an update though.
     Just as I suspected they said 'oh migraines run in your family? I'm sure that's what this is.' So you are telling me my child having a headache every single day for a month is a migraine? They said that the two concussions - they believe the second fall was definitely a concussion - probably caused an early onset of migraines. Her doctor said for the next 2-3 weeks he wanted us to give her medicine
EVERY time she had a headache. He said this because I had said we only give her medicine for headaches she says are really bad, otherwise, we treat with ice and rest. He told us how much medicine to give her and that we were to write down every time she has a headache and how much medicine we give her. I asked if I needed to write down anything else? The food she's eaten, the activity she was doing, where we were, so on and so forth. He said I can but really they just want to see how many headaches and when she is having them. We were told that after the first week or two of doing medicine every time she had a headache, that if she had more than 2-3 headaches a week we would be sent to a neurologist to talk about it more.
     So we set up our appointment for the week before we left for camping (3 weeks from the first appointment) and I wrote down every time she had a headache. I will include the notes I took here:

June 19th:
     1:15pm - 20ml Ibuprofen
     7:53pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
     9:30pm - ice pack bc head still hurting
     11:50 pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
June 20th:
     12:20pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
     3:12pm - coughing fit -head hurts really bad
     10:40pm - 20ml Ibuprofen
June 21st:
     10:15-40pm HUGE tantrum
     10:37pm - pounding headache
     10:42 20 ml Ibuprofen
June 22nd:
     head hurting but forgot to tell me (am)
June 23rd:
     6:29pm - small headache but doesn't want medicine because it is "so small"
     8:15pm - 20 ml ibuprofen
June 24th:
     1:35pm - pain came straight up from toes to skill - sharp pain 20 ml Ibuprofen
     8:18pm - head hurting - not home
     8:50pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
June 25th:
     forgot to write down time but after we went to the park (PM) 20 ml Ibuprofen
June 26th:
     7:35am 20 ml Ibuprofen
     11:15am - head hurting, threw up
     12:20pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
     9:33pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
June 27th:
     3:05pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
June 28th:
     headache when she got up but didn't tell me right away because she didn't want to take medicine
June 29th:
     1:55pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
     9:50pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 1st:
     3:58pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 2nd:
     6:05pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 3rd:
     afternoon - 20ml Ibuprofen
July 4th:
     10:38pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 6th:
    10:11am - 20 ml Ibuprofen
     7:00pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 7th:
     11:30pm - she wrote down the time but didn't want medicine so didn't tell me until the next       morning
July 8th:
     9:48pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 9th:
     10:15am - head hurting but not home
     12:30pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
     10:35pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 10th:
     3:20pm - screaming fit, massive headache but refused medicine
July 11th:
     3:00pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 12th:
     7:00pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen
July 13th:
     12:35pm - head hurting but not home
     1:55pm - 20 ml Ibuprofen

As you can see she only had two days within a three week period of no headaches. There were some days she didn't have medicine because she didn't want it. I am not going to force the medicine down her throat. I talked with her about it and she decided she didn't want it, so she didn't get it. I'm going to split up my entries so my next entry will cover the appointment that followed this and leading up to our next appointment.

Prayers are always appreciated.

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