Thursday, July 28, 2011


     Last week I called my doctor who deals with my Endo. Let's call him Dr. Endo for name's sake. I called Dr. Endo's office to make an appointment only to be told by the secretary that he is leaving the practice. I explained that this could not be because he told me that when I came back we would discuss surgery. A well needed surgery. She told me that he was already planning on leaving the practice in October but got a better offer so he was leaving next Thursday. I'm sorry... NEXT Thursday? Yes. She must have heard the panic in my voice because she asked me if I wanted an appointment that Thursday. After I said well of course I asked what I was suppose to do after he left. Her response "oh well the people upstairs can handle you" You have GOT to be kidding me? The OBGYN. The people who told me I was cured because I was pregnant/had a child? Those people. They are very nice people and they were wonderful through out my whole pregnancy however they are not the people who I want handling my Endo problems. I have nothing against them it's just they aren't as educated in this specialty. Immediately I went online to look for another specialist. Here is the deal: in my town there are two hospitals one that is a teaching hospital and one that isn't. Everything I do is through the teaching hospital. It is one of the best in the countries. Although I complain I have found that they are the best of the worst that I've been to. Being angry at my hospital I looked up "Other Hospital, Endometriosis" well, you know what I mean. I came to something labeled infertility, reproduction medicine and surgery. On one of their main pages it said something about Endometriosis. I called them up, asked if they took my insurance, and made an appointment.
     Flash forward to today, Thursday (as in, "next thursday"). I go in to talk to Dr. Endo and he asks if I want to try Lupron. No. I do not (and by the way I just found out Lupron is technically a chemo medication. Yeah, thank you anyway). He said okay surgery. Well you probably don't know this but I'm leaving. I must have made a face because he says 'ah you did know' I said yeah I heard. What I was thinking was don't you think YOU should have been the one to inform me? Don't you think I should have known before your very last day at the clinic? HUH?! HUH?!?!?! In my head this man was in BIG trouble! He continued with he obviously wouldn't be doing the surgery but one of three surgeons in town that he was signing on to work at the hospital would be doing it. He likes all three but the main one he even plays golf with (because his golfing skills should indicate how well he does in surgery - men *sigh*). Dr. Endo said that he'd let his scheduling person call me for a pre-op appointment then from there I'd pick a day for surgery. They would call me by next week. I left the appointment by telling him good luck with his new office and thank you for all that he has done. He really is a nice guy and not a guy I can yell at so I kept the yelling in my head.
     When we, did I mention my mother was with me? (I love her), got to my car my mom asked me what I thought. I told her I was conflicted. She thought I would be ecstatic because I had gotten what I wanted, surgery. My dilemma was I had made this appointment with people from the other hospital which is tomorrow. Do I still go? If I go do I tell them that I may have a surgery with the people at the teaching hospital? Do I tell them I'm definitely having surgery with the teaching hospital then I'm coming there? Who are these doctors? I don't know them? Are they any good? Do they know what they are doing? Will they take on patients or are they just doing surgery then sending me on my way? If they are taking on patients do I just dump the people from the Other hospital? So many questions swimming around my head. I had no idea what to think. Yes I am relieved I am getting a surgery but then what? If I go to the Other Hospital for Endo, everything is with the Teaching Hospital. It's just all complicated. So instead of pondering it I just came to work. Where I am now, taking a break and writing this.
     Before I started writing this I called back Dr. Endo's office and asked them for the names of the doctors who might be preforming the surgery (all three, one of three, something) so I could look them up and find out information about them. I left a message and asked for Mrs. Secretary (yeah I know, lame) to call me back. Half way through writing this she called me back and you won't believe what she said. The three doctors are the three doctors from the practice I called. Apparently they are the ones picking up the slack from Dr. Endo's leave. What a relief! Now I don't have to pick between the two because they are two in the same! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can go in tomorrow meet my new doctors/surgeons without worries (well, without those worries).

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

6 Month Update

Being as it’s Haleigh’s half birthday today, I figured I’d do an update on her. My plan was to look on for a milestone list because I know the book has one, however the website does not. I did however find one, thanks to another mommy friend of mine, by American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s not a monthly list though it’s a 0-3, 4-7, 8-12 month list. I suppose it will work. 

At 4-7 months you baby should…

Roll boy ways - CHECK!
Sits with and without support of hands - Not without support yet
Supports while weight on legs - ‘eh some times
Reaches with one hand - CHECK!
Transfers object from hand to hand - just TRY to take away her toy, she will play keep away with you
Uses raking grasp - got to get that paci!
Enjoys social play - Does she ever
Interested in mirror images - has been since she was born
Responds to expressions of emotion - CHECK!
Appears joyful often - She is one big ball of happiness
Finds partially hidden objects - Not on purpose
Explores with hands and mouth - Everything goes to the mouth to be licked
Struggles to get objects that are out of reach - no struggling, she’ll roll her way to them

So what did you all get out of this? That she is a genius? Yeah me too.

Let me walk you through a regular day for us. Haleigh gets woken up by daddy (sometimes the other way around) anywhere between 7-8 in the morning. Her Daddy changes her, feeds her then lays her down with me who is most likely still sleeping. I get up then have breakfast and get ready to go to work. I usually go to work around 9am. I work at a local consignment store so luckily it is bring your daughter to work day every day for us. We get there set up the store then I normally lay Haleigh down in the crib that I have behind the desk and she goes to sleep. Around 10-11ish Haleigh wakes back up and wants to play a little while. Not for long though, maybe 10-15 minutes of play time then she gets cranky and wants to go back to sleep. I change

her, give her a bottle and lay her down. Are any of you ladies out there thinking “damn she’s lucky” I know, don’t think I don’t fully appreciate the fact that God has blessed me with an easy going, napping, loving, smiling child. Around 1-2 Haleigh wakes back up again. I change her and usually cuddle her for a little while. After we have our cuddle times I set her up in the high chair or a bumbo (if we have one in) and give her some lunch. Right now we’re working on green beans and sweet potatoes. Once she’s done eating she gets a bottle and  I lay her down on a blanket for her to play with some toys. Between the time she wakes up and we leave to go home she plays with any kid who comes in, she babbles at all the men and women who come to shop, she shows off all her tricks - rolling, smiling, laughing, yelling, reaching for and chewing on her toys.
Mondays and Wednesdays are school days for me so after I’m picked up she goes with her GiGi to play until daddy comes to get her. Any other day we just go home and hang out until daddy comes home. Almost immediately her daddy takes over. Silly man, he thinks it’s his turn. They change out of their ‘work clothes’ into their comfy clothes, sometimes they fold laundry, sometimes they play peek-a-boo, a lot of the times they jam to music (also something I do with her daily). She’ll ‘sing’ along with you if you sing too. Right before dinner time is usually time where Haleigh plays in the middle of the living room floor. We spread out her toys and let her roll back and forth to which ever one she wants to play with. She (most of the time) plays while we eat

our dinner. Once we’re done we sit her in her bumbo (we don’t have a high chair yet) and feed her dinner. After dinner she gets a kiss goodnight from mommy and her and daddy go upstairs for her bedtime routine. Bedtime routine consists of changing the diaper, being swaddled, and a bottle. After she’s done with her bottle, asleep or not, she goes in to her bed and goes to sleep. Sometimes she wakes up and crys 45 minutes to an hour later but all she needs to see is one of our faces (usually her daddy) and she goes right back to sleep.

I love her. I don’t think I could ever possibly say enough times that I love her for you all to grasp the love I have in my heart for her. It is like I grew a whole nother heart just for her stinkin’ cute face. Right now it’s nearing bedtime.. She’s laying next to me chewing on some of her toys but I can see she’s getting sleepy. Time to call her daddy in here to put her to bed.
Did I mention I can’t put her to bed? Nope that’s daddy time. I believe they both agreed on it because she will have nothing to do with me putting her to sleep.

I can’t even believe that a year and 10 days ago I was telling most of my family and friends that we were pregnant and 6 months ago today I had the most perfect little girl ever. 6 months ago today I was crying and thanking God for believing in me and giving me a chance to be a great mom. 6 months ago I was sitting on my bed looking over and the two loves of my life sleeping soundly. 6 months ago today I never realized that I could love her anymore then I did the day she was born…but I was wrong, my love for her grows every second of every day.

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