Monday, February 27, 2012

Wear Yellow for Endo

     March is Endometriosis Awareness month, on March 1st every year we ask everyone to wear yellow in support of raising more awareness of this disease. So please wear your yellow! If you do I'd love to see a picture! Come like me on facebook and add your picture to the wall! I can't wait to see the turn out!

March 1st 2011

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pin It Thursday

My love for Belle [fanart]

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Signing with Haleigh

     After Haleigh was born I was introduced to a wonderful group of women at a local consignment shop who taught me so many things. They taught me all about baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and baby sign language. When I was younger I use to take out books in the library on sign language because I thought it was amazing and I wanted to learn all about it. So I'm not new to sign language but it's been a while since I've attempted to learn signs. We started with a few basic signs: Mommy, Daddy, and milk. Well none of those caught on, though she knows the sign for milk and can recognize it - she doesn't sign it back. We still occasionally sign mom and dad but she can say those words out loud so I'm not as concerned with her learning them because she can already communicate that with us.
     One thing Haleigh does have down pat is "All done/gone." She's had that down for a few months now. As soon as she's done drinking or eating she'll sign 'all done.' She's just started signing 'all done' when she wants to get down from someone's lap or when we're playing with something and she's done. I think this is a great sign for kids to learn because instead of being frustrated that you can't understand when they are done eating or playing with that toy - they can tell you!

     Two days ago Haleigh signed something I've been signing to her for a week or so, all by herself! She was sitting in my Mom's lap and signed dog while looking at Luckie (our dog)! I was so proud of her! She was signing for Luckie without anyone even talking about Luckie or interacting with her. I wish Tyrone had been there to see it. This is one we'll keep working on with her, although it's hard for me to do because Luckie comes to me when I do the sign.
Sign for Dog
     We don't have any other pets but my Mom and sister have cats. I've been attempting to teach Haleigh the sign for cat. She knows what a cat is and squeals "kitty, kitty, kitty" at a really high pitch when we talk about or see cats. Still a work in progress.
     Another sign that we've been doing since Haleigh has started to eat solids (which was pretty early on) was the sign for eat/food. This is another sign that she understands but doesn't do. I continue to work on this one with her during meals and snack time.
     The sign for drink, is a sign I've only recently started using. I don't want to throw too many new signs at her at once so I've been using it here and there but I've been concentrating the most on the three signs following this one.

    A word I've found is very important for kids to know is more. Can you imagine how frustrating it can be to not be able to explain that you are still hungry or thirsty and not know the words? This week I've been working on 'more' a lot with Haleigh. Instead of just showing her, I've been taking her hands and showing her how to do it while repeating the word more. Although she didn't do it exactly the way I did it, she did put her hands together a few times and said more to me. I was very proud! This is something that she only did a few times while we were working on it but I know once we work on it more she'll completely get it.
     Now what kind of mom would I be if I didn't ask my daughter to say/sign please and thank you after signing "more" and "food." So these are two others that we are working on right now. Sometimes she says thank you but she hasn't signed either yet. Mostly when I ask her to say please she raises her eyebrows and yells MORE at me. A work in progress to say the least.
     That's all that I've been working on with Haleigh - sign language wise but, I am working on teaching the little boy I babysit to sign "bug" for Haleigh. We all call her Haleigh-bug or Bugs, so why not have her name sign be bug? I think it's genius!

     Do you sign with your kids or plan on signing with your kids? Any tips? Game plans? Let me know!

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Wordless Wednesday

Have you joined AllThingsMamaMomo's picture a day challenge for 2012?









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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Have you joined AllThingsMamaMomo's picture a day challenge for 2012?



2-11: She heard the puppy coming around the corner and was yelling and trying to look around me at the same time


2-12 - Juice time with Uncle Shawn

2-13 Mailbox run

2-14 Happy Valentines Day!

2-14 Happy Valentines Day!!

2-15 Good Morning! Time for some eggies and ham!

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pain - I shall beat you with my rice sock!

     Two weeks ago my family came down with a horrible stomach bug. Had I not been throwing up myself I would have cried every time Haleigh was getting sick and turning to her daddy to say "all done" when she was done. It was heartbreaking! During this time period one of my medicines that I take regularly for Endometriosis ran out. This is a medicine I've considered stop taking because I didn't feel it was doing anything plus on the information sheet it says "breast cancer patients." Yes, I know I don't have breast cancer. Yes, I have irrational fears about taking so many medications. Between the medicine running out mid-sickness and me not caring to take it, I never made it to the pharmacy to pick it up.
     Haleigh and I have taken up playing Just Dance 2 every day together. Music and dancing - what is there to not enjoy? I haven't had any problems pain wise while playing this game but starting last week I started having to take breaks and using my rice heating pad more often. It annoyed me but I wasn't really paying attention to it. I didn't realize until Wednesday when I went shopping with my mom that I haven't had pain like this in a while. My pain was topping the scales at an 8 or 9 after walking around for a half an hour. I haven't been pain free but my pain hasn't gone over a 5 in a long time (not having to do with Endo pain anyway). Obviously, this medicine that I had stopped was helping more then I thought it was. I called in the medicine and started it again on Thursday night. All Thursday, Friday, and today have been horrible. I've practically lived with my sock filled with rice (and now some eucalyptus bath salts as well) on top of me. [side note: I don't own a
heating pad, instead I use a sock filled with rice and smelly bath salts that I (aka Tyrone) heats up in the microwaves - it looks similar to the picture on the left. It also makes me quite happy that I could find a picture.. this means I'm not the only one who uses a sock.] Due to not having pain that was bad enough for pain pills I didn't have any. I called my Endo doctor Friday and she called some in for me. Thank God.
      I hate admitting defeat and I feel like that is what I'm doing when I have to take a pain pill. Ridiculous sounding? I know. Stupid? Yes, I know that too. Friday I had to ask my Grama to come get Haleigh and take her until Tyrone got home. I hated doing this, it makes me feel like the worst parent ever but I couldn't be a good mom in the pain I'm in. I was sitting on the floor playing with her but when the pain was really bad and I'd cry - so would she. I hae so many bad words for pain it is NOT funny! Today has not been much better. I've spent most of the day laying down, sleeping, or crying. It's been so long since I've taken a pain pill I can't even keep my eyes open let a lone have a coherent thought on them. I hope next week will be easier on me. My Endo doctor's nurse said that after a week of taking the medicine again I should start to feel better. I hope so. Thought that doesn't help this weekend where I needed to clean and go see my friend who is visiting from GA! Please less-pain time come to me soon!

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