Monday, February 28, 2011

A picture of your favorite memory

My favorite memory? When my daughter graced us with her presence.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My day of Awesome

      Yesterday was an amazing day. I believe in my phone conversation to my mother I called it ‘my day of awesome.’ The day started off with me heading to the college to finish up some home work that is due Sunday. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough time because the library was only open from 9am-12pm and not opened at all on Sundays. However, once I got in there I turned out my two projects in an hour and a half! I was pretty proud of myself as I headed home, hoping that this was a sign for how the rest of my day was going to go.
     I called Tyrone on my way back to the house so he could get Haleigh ready to go to The Sugar Snap for our weekly mommy meeting. Every week we get together on Saturdays from 10-when we leave at a local consignment shop to talk about cloth diapering and baby wearing. Both things are new to me and having this group of women who are so knowledgeable and resourceful on the subject is incredible! Anyway, I get to the house to pick up Haleigh and wish Tyrone a happy anniversary. Yesterday marks the 6th year we have been dating. Once we say hello (he was sleeping when I went to school) and happy anniversary me and Haleigh are off to the Snap.
     I love being able to go somewhere and just sit down and chat with women who don’t judge me for cloth diapering or tell me “that’s gross” every time I mention it. It’s nice learning new things like baby wearing and baby sign language and EC. Granted EC (elimination communication) is not for me but it’s great learning these new things that I knew nothing about before. Before I started going to The Snap every saturday the extend of my knowledge on baby wearing was a baby bjorn which I thought would be used just for taking walks or something. Now I know so much more and still learning. I’m currently borrowing a Moby from Hannah and now I own a Mei Tai – well is it actually a mei tai? Is that a name brand? I bet it is, well this is a home made Mei Tai. This is what added to my day of awesome. Monique brought in a handmade wrap that was made for her husband to use but he never does and she wanted to know if any of us wanted to buy it. I told her as soon as my PVCC money comes back I will and asked what she wanted. Hannah said if she lowered her price a little she’d buy it for me now and I could just pay her back. Needless to say I love both Monique and Hannah because I have my very own Mei Tai! It is gorgeous!!
     Then something that happened almost made me cry. Good tears though. One of the women there asked me if I could babysit her son 1 hour a week. Not something to really cry over right? Here’s what you have to understand. Although I’d only be working 1 day a week for 1 hour and I’m not even sure how long she’ll want me to continue this. Maybe it’s just short term, maybe not. I’d be working. WORKING. Something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do again. When you have chronic pain (knock on wood it hasn’t gotten as severe since Haleigh’s been born) and you depend completely on others for everything it gets hard. I went from working almost full time and going to school full time to being at home needing help to and from the bathroom. I couldn’t stand up to cook a full meal, I couldn’t lift up the basket of laundry to put it in the washer let alone take it out of the washer and put it in the dryer, I couldn’t walk up the stairs without crying, I couldn’t walk my dog, so on and so on. Granted some of these things are still hard for me to do because my pain hasn’t disappeared but it’s (again knock on wood!!!) not nearly as severe. I miss going to work. Every time I know someone who complains about their job I say “I miss complaining about work.” I do. It sounds weird but it’s true. You miss everything when it’s not available to you anymore. I miss the repetitive work that I complained about, I miss the stupid work drama, I miss complaining about getting up early, I miss how satisfying it felt to accomplish something and get a good job, I miss the friends I made, I miss my morning cappuccino, I miss being able to pay my bills on my own, I miss being able to go in to a store and know that I have that 25 cents to get a pack of gum. I miss not having to ask for the little things a pack of gum, pads, a t-shirt, a notebook, a pen, a bag of chips. It’s so hard going from being independent to being completely dependent. It’s hard. The first thing I thought when I was asked to babysit was YES! i can contribute! I mean seriously, the money will probably just cover gas but I won’t have to ask for it.  That’s what is important. So happy tears because I can pay for gas.
    See.. my day of awesome!
    It only continued with a wonderful lunch at Red Robin, dancing it up in the living room playing Just Dance 2 (another thing I’m grateful for), then out to dinner. Every year on our anniversary we go to Cracker Barrel. This year was no different, well except we got to share it with our little girl. A little girl we were praying for last year. It was a great night. Once we came home we got a great surprise, Haleigh starting “talking” to us. Her cute little ahh’s made my night ten times better.
    So my day of awesome started with finished projects and ended with my cute little one cooing at me (even if she did coo at me until 4am). It was a wonderful day. God blessed me with a lot yesterday.

A picture of your favorite night

Welcoming my daughter in to this world is definitely number one on my list of amazing nights. I can’t wait to see what this little one has in store for me!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A picture of you and...

A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest


It’s a tie between my two cousins: Butchie and Cori.

Our whole lives it’s always been the three of us. I lived close to Butchie and he was always at my house or our grandmother’s house so we spent just about all of our childhood together. Mine and Cori’s birthday are 2 days apart making joint birthday parties the obvious choice for us. My favorite and most memorable? When we went in to the city to see Grease.

These two have never just been my cousins. I’ve always thought of them more like my sister and brother. I love them so much and would do anything for either one of them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A picture of yourself and 15 facts

1. I put my whole heart in to my friendships and it still amazes me when others do not.
2. Drunk people scare me and make me nervous/anxious no matter how much I love them or how long I have known them.
3. I have social anxiety and I always feel that ‘fight or flight’ feeling in my stomach before walking in to a room.
4. I have and try to spread awareness as much as possible so one day there will be a cure.
5. I hope to do something with photography one day
6. Music is my escape.
7. I listen to all kinds of music and love to find new artists to listen to
8. I like to move – I hate living in one place too long
9. I don’t believe in giving up
10. Tattoos are addicting – I have 2 with plans of at least 2 more
11. I don’t believe in holding things in. If you are upset you should talk it out – in a productive, respectful way. When things are held in for too long it just ends badly
12. Family is very important to me.
13. My favorite part of going to school is getting new notebooks and pens
14. I love cooking (when I’m able to)
15. Id be very content living in a beach house with no internet/computer and an unlimited supply of books