Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Reading Dilemma

I have a dilemma. Once you hear the dilemma you're going to laugh because if you aren't an avid reader this is going to seem like such a silly thing to worry about (or even to think about).

At the beginning of the month I started Whisper to Me. It wasn't fully getting my attention so when we had to take a road trip down to Florida I decided to download an audio-book. I went with the fourth book in The Modern Witch series which I had been listening to the last time we took a road trip. When I was talking about downloading an audio-book to listen to while I drove Haleigh's first suggestion was 'those cool witch books'. What can I say? The kid has good taste! I love this series and listened to it while I was driving and while I was alone in the room we were staying in. However, on the way home while Tyrone was driving and listening to music and Haleigh was playing her kindle, I wasn't able to listen to the audio-book (headphones broke) so I opened up Whisper to Me. Well I finally got to a point where the book was getting really good and the sun went down. *sigh* Soon it was my time to drive and I turned the audio-book back on. These books (really any books that have little Irish grannies in them) just speak to my soul. I love them so much. So when I came home I finished that book and the next two. I've just found out that the next book is the last book in the series. I am HEART BROKEN! Now, there ARE inbetween novels and she has two small break off series (from The Modern Witch) that I can read but I'm coming to an end of these books and I'm already feeling devastated.

Here's my dilemma. Do I go and finish up this series and cry about it for the rest of my life or do I wait and finish up Whisper to me then go back to The Modern Witch series? Here's the other part to my dilemma.. her break off series I do not have in audio-book, just on the kindle. I don't want to read it myself because I've listened to Martha Harmon Pardee read the whole series to me and I don't want to switch it up. She brings it to life!

So what do I do? The last book in the series or Whisper to Me? What to do?! WHAT TO DO?!!?!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Drink Tea. Read Books. Be Happy.

My National Reading Day comes twice a year... Dewey's is this weekend!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Free Audiobooks!!!

     This week I wanted to bring something to your attention that I just found out about, through Misty at The Book Rat. There is a fun, free audiobook program that runs through the summertime. SYNC was designed for teens but really can be for anyone to use. I've posted some of their question and answers below.

     Two books a week?! Who could pass that up! SYNC's website has a list of all the titles but I thought I would share the first five weeks with you here!

April 27 – May 3
THE DEAD HOUSE by Dawn Kurtagich

May 4  – May 10
FEED by M.T. Anderson

May 11 – May 17
TEENAGE DIARIES: THEN AND NOW by Radio Diaries, Hosted by Joe Richman 

May 18 – May 24

May 25 – May 31
FREAKLING by Lana Krumwiede
BOY by Anna Ziegler

     I hope you all join me in listening to these books and appreciating this amazing program this summer! Let me know what audiobooks you are looking forward to.

Monday, April 17, 2017

My 15 Favorite Movies

     I wanted to share my 10 favorite movies and then I realized there was no way I could cut it down to only 10. So I have 15 of my favorite movies to share with you, with 5 more honorable mentions. I also want to mention that this does NOT included my favorite movie series. I think I'll have to do a whole different post for those!

The Parent Trap (1961)

Jaws (1975)
This is one of the movies I can remember watching over and over with my step-father. Every time I watch this movie I think about him and all the movies we watched together.

Grease (1978)
The amount of times I wore a poodle skirt and a high ponytail for halloween was ridiculous. Then I almost lost my damn mind when my aunt took my cousin and I to see it on Broadway!

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Beauty and The Beast (1991)
A princess who loves to read. I mean do I really need to go on?

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

A League of Their Own (1992)

Now and Then (1995)

Pocahontas (1995)

Twister (1996)
"We got cows!"
There's a good chance I could tell you every line in this movie.

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

A Walk to Remember (2002)

Tangled (2010)
There are no words for how excited I am that Disney has decided to do a tv series. I'm hoping it is as awesome as the movie!

Moana (2016)
This is the first Disney movie in a long time that really touched my soul. I loved every second of it. Also my daughter loves that there is a character out there that has the same color skin as her and hair like hers. 

Beauty and the Beast (2017)
This live action was AMAZING! I LOVED IT! It was everything I wanted (except the dress maybe could have been more...fantastic?)!

And here are my honorable mentions:



     As I'm looking over this list of movies I'm noticing it doesn't really show my love for action movies or as I like to call them 'blow 'em up movies'. I think that's because the majority of my favorite action movies are in a series. I'll definitely be doing another entry on my favorite movie series soon!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kate Skates

     This week (and maybe weeks to come) I have decided to not just post the book that I'm reading but to also post the book Haleigh is reading! I thought this would be a fun way to not just incorporate her in my blog but to encourage her to read more.

This week I am reading the same book I was reading last week. Whisper To Me by Nick Lake. I am not as far as I want to be because I have been binge watching shows like 13 Reasons Why and Confess but I am liking(?) what I am reading so far. I put a question mark because I am still unsure. I like some of what I'm reading and then some... I am just so confused. That could be though because I haven't read enough yet to really grasp what is going on. Essentially this book is about a girl who is hearing a voice in her head and it may be the soul of the lady whose foot she found on the beach. Who may or may not have been killed by the Houdini Killer - someone who is stealing women and presumably killing them in her town. I don't know but I am sure I will find out soon!

     Yesterday when I was talking to Haleigh's teacher on the phone she was telling me that Haleigh is already reading at a first grade level. I am so proud of her! She second guesses herself on some words (which I reassure her when she has it right) but all in all she is doing awesome. This is the first book that has come home from school that says '1st grade' on it. She is SUPER proud - as she should be. I hope and pray that she is a bookworm like her momma! Before she started kindergarten her biggest goal was to be able to read, so her and her friends could start their own book club. I'd say it's almost time to start that up.
     I am looking at different ways to encourage her to read over the summer. I'm thinking 100 books and she gets a gift certificate to somewhere fun. Maybe at each 25 she can have a small treat? I don't know but something to encourage her to read a ton during the summer. More on this later when I have more of a detailed plan. I'll leave you today with a video of Haleigh reading some of her new book!

Friday, April 7, 2017

My Tome Topple TBR

Not too long ago I found out about the Tome Topple Readathon. The whole point of the readathon is to read books over 500 pages. How fun! The only other readathon I've done is Dewey's which is a 24 hour readathon. 24 hours straight of reading is super intense so to hear that I'll have 2 weeks to read these books excited me. This year I am trying to read more books on my shelves but I was super disappointed to discover I only had 3 books on my shelf that were 500 pages are more. Well, that's not true I have more books but bind ups don't count (except for graphic novels) for this challenge. So, with only 3 books I asked a few friends to check their shelves for books I might like. I've ended up with 7 books on my TBR for Tome Topple. Tilt and Identical by Ellen Hopkins (both on my Kindle), Outlander by Diana Gabaldon on audio, Whisper to Me by Nick Lake, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Under the Dome by Stephen King, and The Chemist By Stephenie Meyer. I highly doubt I'll read more than 3 of these books but it is NO fun if I don't set high goals. Plus, one thing I've learned from doing Dewey's is to have a big pile to grab from. You never know what kind of mood you'll be in. Are you joining in on this readathon? If so what is on your TBR? Let me know below!