Wednesday, June 21, 2017

That Yeti Though

     Today's Top 5 Wednesday is Top 5 Rides. I suppose this could be taken many different ways but I am going with amusement park rides. I'll start with the closest to me to and work my way to the furthest away. 

1st up is Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. I love a good 'ol wooden roller coaster. This is the only coaster I won't put up a video for because if you've ever been on a wooden coaster you know how much you shake. does the camera. 

2nd up is the Griffon at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. This literally took my breathe away. IT WAS AWESOME!

3rd up is Fast Track at Epcot in Orlando, Florida. I have not been to Epcot in years and years. I think the last time I was there was close to 16 or 17 years ago. Oh man I'm old. Let's move on from that. This was a new/newish ride when I went and it was amazing! I rode it over and over and over again. I am hoping next time I'm at Disney I am hoping I can go ride this ride again!

The 4th roller coaster is called Rock n' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. I grew up jamming out to rock and roll music. This music just sings to my heart. I've ridden it over and over just to sing along with the songs. This ride is fantastic! Also the video I found says it's 16 minutes but really it loops the ride a few times so if you want to watch, it isn't that long.

The last and newest favorite roller coaster ride is Expedition Everest (aka that scary Yeti ride as Haleigh would call it) at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. First off - my 6 year old loved this except for the Yeti part. If it was just the ride and no scary stuff she would have been on it all day. I am SO proud she rode this! Second off.. oh my goodness. I wasn't a huge Animal Kingdom fan but I would get a park hopper pass so I could ride this ride a few more times! 

What are some of your favorite rides? Would you have considered this prompt an amusement park kind of ride or a different kind of ride? Let me know!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Princess in an Ivory Tower Made of History


I'm currently reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. In this book there's a woman who loves elephants and has spent the majority of her life working with them. My mother loves elephants so they've always been an animal I liked to learn about. However, this book is making me absolutely fall in love with elephants. I love all the things I'm learning in this book!

Monday, June 19, 2017

I Am Most Alive Among The Tall Trees

    A few years back I flew out to Oregon to meet up with my friend Jenn. It was my first time on the west coast. I loved my time in Oregon but when my friend and I went north to visit Forks, WA (Twi-hard through and through) I fell in love with everything I saw. The trees, the moss, the water, the mountains, the roads, the trails, the driftwood, everything! I have always thought that the water calls to me. And I think it does. I feel a peace that is hard to explain when I am near a body of water. I enjoy our mountains and trees but those feelings are nothing compared to how I felt near the woods in Washington. Something about them is just different. I want to go back and hike, and camp, and just sit and listen.
     There are a few places I really want to visit but no place that I really see myself moving to (if I was to move from where I am now) except Washington. I have hopes and dreams of moving there even if it is only for a year or a season. I would do with a short yearly trip. I haven't been back but I feel the tug of my heart every time I think about it.

     Is there any place you want to move to? Is there any place that calls to you like the water and these mountains call to me? Let me know! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Oh So Frustrated

    I am very frustrated. I take many medicines a day, which in it self annoys me. I take medicine for depression and my thyroid in the morning. At night time I take medicine to stop me from having a period,  a medicine for my PCOS to regulate my hormones, a muscle relaxer for my pelvic floor issues, and a medicine to help my stomach not be a drama queen. I have been out of my thyroid medicine for about a month because for some reason my doctors office wasn't responding to my phone calls or emails. I wrote them about three weeks before I was out because I had no more refills. Nothing. I wrote them a week and a half before I was out and had the pharmacy call them. Nothing. The day before I was out I called, emailed, and had the pharmacy call. Nothing. A week after being out the pharmacy said they'd call a few times for me. Nothing. Last week (this is a month and a half
 after I started calling) they called me to tell them that before they can refill they want to test my thyroid. I laughed. I explained that since they haven't refilled my medicine. I have been out of this medicine for nearly a month. I told her that I had called and sent requests my self and the pharmacy did as well starting three weeks before my medicine ran out. They are just getting back to me and I've been out for a month. So they can test me but all that test is going to say is that I need to be on thyroid medicine. She said oh.. uh. I'm sorry for that. I will talk to the doctor. In the meantime let's make an appointment for you. I laughed and agreed. Later that day I received an email saying that there was no point in me coming in until I have the medicine in my system for a month. So they were calling in my medicine to my requested pharmacy (the hospital - this is what all of my emails, calls, and the pharmacy has told them). Once I had taken it for a month come in and get the blood work done and they'll give me enough for the next year. Due to life I wasn't able to get to the hospital pharmacy until yesterday. It wasn't actually me who went it was my grandmother. Guess what they didn't have? My thyroid medicine. They said it was sent to the other pharmacy I use. I got on the phone and made SURE it was there. I asked how long it would take to switch it to them and refill it - the answer was too long for my grandmother to wait for. So I said okay just give the medicine to my grandmother and I'll get the other at the grocery store pharmacy later. Well, can you guess what the grocery store pharmacist said? I am sure you can. They said that there was no prescription for me. The request for that medicine was declined by the doctor. Which makes NO sense, since the doctor is the one who supposedly called it in. So I still don't have my medicine.
     I called this morning and left a message explaining the whole situation again. I wasn't the nicest, still respectful, but you could tell I was annoyed. I said twice what pharmacy I want it sent to and that I was very sick to my stomach because I have been without this medicine, this is not okay and it needs to be fixed asap.
     While I have been writing this my nurse called me back and apologized for all the mix up. She has called the medicine into the right pharmacy and if there is any problems I am to call her directly. Of course I have all of the children at my house so I can't go get it now but I'm grateful she got back to me so quick. I hope it's there so I can start it tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

When The Moon Hits Your Eye

     Today's top 5 is top 5 pizza toppings. I thought surely this would be an easy topic - then I realized how much I love artisan pizzas that have a ton of stuff on them. Some of them 5 toppings on one pizza. So I had to break it up and pick just my very favorites. These are in no specific order.

Top 1 and 2 toppings are spinach and feta cheese. My local pizza place makes an awesome spinach pizza with fresh tomatoes, spinach, feta, and mushrooms (I think). SO good!

My 3rd and 4th favorite toppings are peppers and onions. I didn't really have cravings when I was pregnant but I was always down for a pepper and onion pizza. (PS. I still am)

My 5th favorite pizza topping is definitely mushrooms! I love mushrooms and (lucky for them) so does the rest of my family. Actually both types of pizzas I have already listed would most likely, also have mushrooms on it...  because why not?

Oh and the majority of the pizza we get comes with white sauce because red sauce is no good for my stomach. Just in case I have now enticed you to go out and get some pizza. 

What are you favorite pizza toppings? Let me know in the comments below! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Malfoy Tea Emporium

    So for this weeks spotlight Saturday I'm sharing an Etsy store that was recently shared with me. I've actually seen this Etsy shop shared before but two of her products really stood out to me. So much so I had to order them.

The store is:

The first tea I fell in love with was named "Weasley - Harry Potter Inspired Loose Leaf Tea Blend. On the site the description is: 

"Red hair... and a hand-me-down robe... you must be a Weasley."

Weasley is blended from black tea, natural wild cherry flavor, natural chocolate flavor, dark chocolate chips, dried cherries, rose petals, cinnamon bark, cocoa nibs, natural cinnamon flavor, and ginger.

How amazing does that sound?! Cherry and chocolate.. YUM! 

The second tea that I fell in love with doesn't just sound amazing it LOOKS amazing. Also I feel it is completely on point with the character. It is called "Lovegood Tea - Harry Potter Inspired Loose Leaf Tea Blend" On the site the description says: 

Inspired by Luna Lovegood from the world of Harry Potter, this blend is made from rooibos tea, rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, black tea, dried coconut, natural vanilla flavor, natural pineapple flavor, natural coconut flavor, pineapple pieces, natural creme flavor, and sprinkles.

     You are drooling right? I was totally drooling! I ordered a sample size of each which is about 4 cups of tea a piece. I hope I love them. I'm so excited! I will make sure to do a post when they arrive about what I think about them. Did I mention that I am excited? Because I am! Now off to find Twilight inspired tea... 

Here's another blogger doing a Spotlight Saturday


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fate Doesn't Guarantee us a Happy Ending


This is one of those books that I will come back to read again. I did not expect it to be the kind of story it was. I don't even want to say more because I was told to go in to it blind and I suggest that to all of you too!


I'm SO surprised I liked this so much. I just assumed that the cartoon was one of those stupid mind-numbing cartoons that I hate. Then I picked this graphic novel up and LOVED it. Now I have to watch the stupid cartoon to see if I like it too.




I did not expect to like this series at all. It seemed way too sc-fi for me. I was wrong, these books were AMAZING! I listened to them on audio-book but I will definitely be buying this books to put them on my shelf. I need to revisit Russia because I believe I fell in love there too.


This book was amazing. I didn't want to put it down but also wanted to keep putting it down so I could delay it ending. I don't think that I have read this author before but she is going on my list of authors to check out! 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Dream Home

A friend of mine has been talking about a new house they are looking at. This started a large conversation between all of our friends about what type of house would be our dream house. I mean we all want a huge mansion with a library that you can compare to Belle’s. However, when I thought about doing this post I thought about what my more reasonable dream house would be like. Since I already love looking at floor plans I figured why not throw in a visual of what my dream house could look like.

The things on my want list is a porch on the front and back of the house, a room I can make into a library, walk in closets in the master (his and her walk ins would be even better), and a big bath tub! My husband’s want list includes porches in the front and back or a wrap around, the master opening up to one of the porches, rocking chairs for our porches, a bay window somewhere in the house, and a mancave/media room.

I have looked at many, many floorplans but I think this one would fit every one of our needs.

The porch is big enough for rocking chairs. You walk in to a foyer with the dining room on the right. I've always loved the idea of having a dining room and the family sitting down to eat dinner together at the table. Well, it just doesn't happen that way, no matter how much we try so I would definitely turn my dining room into my library.

The great room would be our main living area and with a vaulted ceiling! *swoon* The kitchen has a breakfast area that has a bay window.

The washer and dryer are right next to the master. The master doesn't have two walk in closets but is so big it has two sides which is essentially the same thing. I really like that the toilet is separate from
the shower/bath/sink area. The Master opens up to the back screen porch which we both love!

On the other side of the house is three bedrooms and two full baths. The whole house has three full baths and one half bath. More toilets then I want to scrub but whatever. Each bedroom has a decent sized closet. We hope to have three children if not hopefully we'll have at least two and the third bedroom can be used as a guest bedroom.

The big pull to this house is the storage upstairs! I hate to say we have a lot of crap. But we have a lot of crap. Good crap - memorabilia, pictures, things we are holding on to that we don't really need to hold on to but we're going to anyway. I have tried to get rid of things and it just doesn't happen. I'm okay with it. I've moved beyond it. This storage will be the end all to a lot of things and just think how fun that will be for the kids to go through!

Anyway, the other room - the bonus room will be the mancave/media room. We want somewhere to put our Steelers memorabilia and a big movie screen with a projector. We would love to have one of those arcade basketball games, one that keeps score because what's the point if it doesn't? We want a big overly comfy couch and a recliner to watch the movies and play video games in. Also, we love that this room would be over the garage so all of the noise that I have no doubt would be coming from the room, will not disturb everyone. Especially during playoff season.

I don't have much picked out for the outside other then a fire pit in the back somewhere and rose bushes in the front yard.

We have talked about our dream house for years. Hopefully one day that dream will come true!