Friday, September 19, 2014

A really bad week

Monday night I had this God awful pain in my left ovary. Which is not abnormal when I'm ovulating, however, this lasted longer then usual and felt different. The pain radiated in to my stomach and down and around. The pain went everywhere. It was so intense that I almost told Tyrone to call an ambulance. I felt like I was dying. Whatever happened felt worse then anything I've ever felt. The level 10 pain eventually went down to a 9 so I could roll over from my fetal position, put a heating pad on top of me and go to sleep.

Tuesday morning I called my OBGYN and explained what was going on. They wanted to see me in as soon as possible to see me then schedule an ultrasound. I went in and saw someone who isn't my regular doctor (because it was last minute) and she said her theory was it was a really large cyst not a tube that turned, which is something they worry about with that much pain around the ovary. A few hours after seeing her I went and had an ultrasound done. After that torturous event I went home and awaited results. Which I didn't get until today (Friday) - the results were that they didn't see anything that would cause that amount of pain. She did write in the notes (because I found this out via my health chart online) that she suspected there was a large cyst that burst which is what caused the pain. Whatever happened I feel bruised inside. I still have really bad pain in that spot and I feel like my insides are bruised. It is NO fun.

Wednesday morning Dee called me to let me know that Mark was not doing well. That he was dying and wasn't going to make it much longer. I asked if she had a time table she said it could be an hour it could be a few days. She said she was making him as comfortable as she could. Dee did everything she could to try to ease my mind about the situation. She said she would be in touch. So when my phone rang a little after 1am I knew what had happened. It was still hard to hear. My father had passed away. I don't even know what I said to Dee. I know I asked how she was and how the boys were. I tried not to cry because I didn't want to upset her more. It is all a blurr.

Between my pain being unreasonable and Mark passing away this week has been miserable. I am just at a loss of words. I feel ... I don't even know.

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